Julie McPherson

Julie McPherson The Lesbian ReviewJulie McPherson is an avid reader and photographer. She brings a unique and wonderful voice to the review team.

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What I do for a living

I’m a photographer. I tell stories through pictures.

What I love to read

I love reading psychological thrillers where there’s a twist in the plot. I love a really well written mystery where the author lays out a puzzle and as a reader I need to piece together the clues. I’m also a big fan of fantasy, sci-fi, action and post-apocalyptic thrillers. I have read and loved several romance novels, but I prefer a romance as a subplot woven into the story.

What I won’t read

I won’t read molestation or child abuse. If it’s relevant to the story then I understand the need to mention it but I don’t want the graphic details.

This next part is just a personal preference and definitely won’t stop me from reading a book. I love to use my imagination so I don’t like too much character description. Instead I prefer the author to spark my imagination and allow me to create my own visual.

Julie's Favourite BooksWhy I love Reviewing

I love to read, so when I read a really well written story I can’t wait to recommend it to others. Being a reviewer allows me to have an opinion and a voice. I get to tell people about wonderful books and exciting characters and hopefully they’ll love the books as much as I do.

How Much I read

My life can get quite hectic at times so how much I read depends on the day. But when a book won’t leave me alone, when it calls my name and demands my attention there’s a good chance I’ll read that book in one sitting (This has been happening a lot lately). So, I guess on average I can read about 3 – 5 books a month.

As a Reviewer

As a reviewer I get to relive my reading experience.