Erin Hodgson

Erin Hodgson is a New Zealand dwelling lover of thriller and mysteries.

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The Day Job

When our second son was born, I became the at home parent, and later I took on a role as a home-based Early Childhood educator.  So basically I get paid to hang out with preschoolers every day.  Which is good, cos that’s about where my maturity level sits if you ask my wife.

Books I Read

Anything that leaves me guessing until the end or close to it… sometimes it’s nice to have a romantic storyline, but usually that’s an added bonus for me. If it’s a storyline I can’t put down (and often I don’t!) then it’s a winner. Love reading books about intelligent, strong women. Love thrillers, political thrillers, crime novels, mysteries and historical novels.

Turn offs

I find a storyline with too much fluff or data dumping a real frustration, and will often put the book down never to be picked up again if I feel the storyline is lost amongst all the words. I need to be grabbed in the first couple of chapters or I will lose interest. I don’t do fantasy or sci-fi. I really struggle to get past poor grammar, spelling and proofing. Pet hate you might say.

erins favourite booksWhy I Review

While I’m relatively new to writing reviews I have read plenty of them. I think it is so important to have access to opinions that make you think, and to seek recommendations from people who have similar tastes, and who you can learn to trust. If I can be that for someone, all the better.

How Much I Read

On a slow month, 4 or 5 books as long as they’re good. If a book is good, but particularly hard going, I will sometimes read it twice (the second time immediately after finishing it) so I can be sure I have taken it all in.

Me As A Reviewer

Generous with praise when it is earned, enthusiastic about great books with exciting storylines.