Darla Baker

darla baker lesbian reviewerDarla Baker is an occasional reviewer at The Lesbian Review. Her insights into books are fun to read and her wit is well known.

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This is what she says about herself:

When Not Reviewing

I’m the author of the Thalia Chase: Sex Therapist Series of books published by Stone Soup Community Press.

My Favourites

darlas favouriteI love to read historical fiction with strong female leads.  I love suspense, particularly with first responders.  I love toaster oven stories, and bonus points when there’s a creepy man she leaves for a woman.  I love series novels where we come to feel as if the main characters have been our friends for years.  And I love stories that emotionally torture me with endless teasing of a pending relationship.
I haven’t found any subject matter in a book that has caused me to stop reading it. I’m not typically drawn to vampire or zombie books.  But I don’t find them offensive.  I just don’t enjoy them.  I think any subject, when approached with sensitivity and positive intentions should be told and should be read.

Reaching Out To The Community

I started writing reviews because reading books is an isolating endeavor and I want to connect with other people who share my passion. Writing a review is a way to reach out to other like-minded individuals and start a dialogue.  Gathering around a common passion or purpose allows me to interact with others on a deeper level than I can when we have less in common.  And the intellectual exercise of engaging in a discussion about a particular book, allows the book to create a life of its own.  For every reader who reads a particular book, the experience is unique.  It is in the sharing of the experience where the book truly lives.

My Reading Schedule

I conservatively read ten books per month.  Last year I read just over 300 books.  This year will be a slower year since I’m writing and finishing up my career in technology.

Last Thoughts

As a reader and reviewer, I can find the humor in a story no matter how deeply it is buried.