Brooklyn Goodrich

Brooklyn Goodrich is the action reviewer in the group. She loves a story that keeps moving and characters that kick some ass.

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This is what she says about herself:

Making Money

I’m a real estate agent in the state of California. I work with my father, but I dream of becoming a personal trainer. Other than that, I’ve been working with electronics my whole life. As a side job, I visit elderly people and help them set up or answer questions about their new technology. Oh yeah, and I worked in food, and I can make you a bomb @$$ sammich. Who doesn’t love it when a woman brings you a sammich?

The Best Kinds Of Books

Honestly it would be a lot easier to talk about things in books I don’t like, and luckily that’s the next section.

I’d have to say, most of all I love when a book has mystery to it or you have to piece it together like a puzzle.

Most of the time I start reading books with no clue as to what’s inside them because I refuse to read the synopsis.

brooklyn-faveThe mystery can be any kind of mystery! Like if the book is told only in first person perspective, I feel like it adds mystery to whoever the love interest is, making her more compelling. Or when the whole plot has mystery. I absolutely love when a minute detail in the beginning of the book hints to the big reveal but you only realize it once you have finished. I like it when an author writes everything with a purpose.

Books have to be full of action and have at least a little romance. This doesn’t mean I won’t give any and every book a try. I particularly enjoy comedy in a book and well written romantic lines.

The Worst Kinds Of Books

I cannot stand it when a character is weak. I don’t want to read about them going back and forth between the same decision over and over again.

I do not enjoy politics—it’s a game I’ve never been good at.

I generally don’t like it when a book is set in a city. I’ve never read a book that has been good where it all goes down in a city; I’m not saying there isn’t a good book out there with that setting, it’s just been my experience that I don’t like them.

Old fashioned books where women act prim and proper are not my forte either.

Lastly, I hate data dumps. I have quite the imagination, so when it comes to reading, I want story not scenery.

Book Reviewing Is Awesome Because

Whenever I finish a book, it’s inside me. When I run afterwards, it’s all I can think about on my run. Putting it down on paper allows me to release it.

I’d just like to say that reading a book is sort of lonely and reviewing them has allowed me to share my experience and connect with other readers, which has been an amazing gift.

I have become obsessed with highlighting quotes and marking passages. I would have to say that’s my favorite part of reviewing.

How Much I Read

It really depends on the season, the book, and length of book. If I am interested in a book, I eat, sleep and breathe it—it becomes my drug and I finish it in a day or two.

On average I can do about one to one and a half books a week. If I have free time and I’m not busy, I can finish a book in two to three days.

I don’t know how many books a year I can finish because before I discovered The Lesbian Review, I never read anything.

As A Reviewer

My reviews reflect who I am and my personality. I write them as if you and I were friends swapping book recommendations. Feel free to reach out to me because I love connecting with fellow readers.