April Adams

April Adams ReviewerApril Adams is a huge advocate for good books.

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Making Money

My name is April Adams and I am an accountant at a civil service office.

Books I Love and Don’t Love

Even though I read a wide variety of lesbian fiction, I enjoy mystery and thriller books the most because I love the state of suspense the stories have me in until the end and I find out “who’s done it.”

I enjoy reading books with moderate angst, too much angst is like over kill for me and I also enjoy mysteries and thrillers with romance in it but the romance must not be the main focus of the story.

I am easily hooked on mysteries and thrillers that have realistic characters who have their faults but they are still loveable because personal growth is highlighted in the story.

Just reading about butch women taking charge, solving mysteries and dishing it to the perpetrators in the stories is a huge motivator for me when it comes to reading these books.

aprils favourite booksIf the mystery or thriller is part of a series and I enjoyed the first book immensely, I would go on to read all of the books in that series.

I get turned off of books with rape, incest, sexual harassment and abuse.

I also get turned off of books that have abrupt cliffhangers that leave me with more questions than answers.

Abrupt endings leave me without closure, especially if I am fully engaged in the story.

Why I Review

I like to review books because that is the best way I can really say thank you to authors for daring greatly and taking the plunge by putting themselves and their talents out there to be criticized, doing the hard work of coming up with ideas for these stories and the long drawn out editing process they endure.

How Much I Read

On a slow month I read three or four books, depending on my work and class schedule.

Me In Short

Books are the looking glass, the story my wonderland and like Alice, I wander and dream with my eyes open.