Amy Herman-Pall

Amy Herman-Pall reviewer at The Lesbian ReviewAmy Herman-Pall is a reviewer for The Lesbian Review.

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I’m in my mid-forties (yes, I’m going to be vague about that) and have had quite a few different jobs. I’ve been a linguist in the Army, a bookseller, a clerk, a carpenter, a cabinetmaker, and I’m currently a truck driver. The best part of my current job is that I get to listen to audiobooks while I’m at work! Throughout my life, and through every job possible, I’ve been a reader. I’m a bit shy when I first meet someone, but all it takes to get me really talking is to bring up books. It’s taken me a while to come back to lesfic, but the clincher was receiving my first e-reader. Once I realized how easy it was to find and download lesbian e-books, I pretty much stopped reading anything else.

Amy's favourite booksBooks I love:

Science fiction and fantasy will both be one of my first and greatest loves. It’s even better now to combine those genres with lesbian fiction. I read a lot of romance, because I love happy endings, and what could be better than the girl getting the girl?! I also read some suspense and thrillers, and have recently started reading some mystery (but not very much because I never figure out whodunit).

Books I hate:

I hate the sound of this. I’m not sure I hate any books, but there definitely are books that I don’t enjoy. I now stay away from Young Adult books for the most part. Young adults seem to have a lot of angst and drama, and those are two things I try to avoid. Which means that yes, sometimes if a romance has too much of those things I’ll have a hard time finishing the book. I also don’t like books with cheating or lying in them, although I have read some and even enjoyed them. But it goes back to those two things, angst and drama, that I just don’t deal well with.

Why I review books:

There are books that I read that I think are absolutely wonderful. And sometimes these books may be missed or overlooked by others, who might possibly love them just as much as I do, but they never learned about their existence. My hope is that by reviewing books, and sharing the titles of books that I really liked, other readers will give them a try, and find a new world or a new author to become immersed in.

How much I read: 

I’m a voracious reader. There was a time when I was reading 20-30 books a month, plus listening to 2-5 audiobooks per week. I’ve slowed down a lot (mostly because of my honey-do lists now), but I’m still trying to find time to read more. And I’m always on the lookout for my next favorite read.

Me in a phrase:

Be prepared for a long conversation if you ever ask me for my favorite book.