We have a lively bunch of reviewers on board now but when I started the site it was just me (Sheena) and my love for Lesbian Fiction. As the site has grown, I have added reviewers and each one brings a unique perspective on the books she reviews.

Our Reviewers

Our book reviewers come from all walks of life but they have one thing in common – they love a good book and they enjoy giving reviewer comments on it.

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Active Reviewers

Previous and Occasional Reviewers

A Note About The Reviewers

I am so honoured to work with these amazing women. They do this in their spare time and they really spend a lot of time writing the reviews and thinking about what to say. Their dedication and commitment to this is astonishing and greatly appreciated.

For what it’s worth, these women are not merely reviewers for my site, but I consider them friends. They have made the world of lesbian literature so special, just by being there.

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