How We Choose Our Book Club Reads

This is how we choose our book club reads for our Facebook book club group. – Updated 1 Jan 2018

Hello all you lovely people! Every so often, we get suggestions or requests around which books we should select for the book club, so we thought it would be helpful to let everyone know how I go about choosing.

There are a lot of factors that go into picking a book club book, but the hands down, number one factor is whether we love it and think others will too. The Lesbian Review and any of its offshoots, including the book club group, are all about positivity and celebrating lesfic. That means each book club book has to be something that we can get really excited about.

We each have our own reading preferences at The Lesbian Review, so my hope is that we’ll cover a wide range of subgenres by including all of the reviewers.

Come and join our book club on our Facebook Group, The Lesbian Review Book Club where we talk a lot about lesbian fiction. We have silly and thoughtful threads kicked off almost every day of the week about books, themes, reading experiences and more, we also host events where everyone is welcome to come and talk about the book of the month. Sometimes the author is even able to join us to answer questions.

What else is there? More than you might think. It’s not always possible to accommodate all of these, but in no particular order, I also consider:

  • Is it a popular favourite of an author’s backlist? Because it’s always fun to talk about a favourite book!
  • Which publisher released last month’s book club pick? There are so many fab publishers and self-published authors in lesfic that I don’t want us to show the same one month after month.
  • Have we already done a book by an author in the book club? If so, unfortunately, we’re not going to showcase them again in the same year, no matter how wonderful their latest book is.
  • Is it a rare book that’s difficult to find? We’re not going to choose books that you can’t easily and affordably pick up anymore.

I’m sure there’s something I’m forgetting, but that about covers it! I hope this helps anyone who wondered how and why we choose the books we do.

Mostly, The Lesbian Review Book Club (TLRBC) is a place to come and enjoy great books, chat to readers and authors in lesbian fiction and feel safe and happy.