Roll In The Hay by Lola Keeley is a delightful enemies to lovers and rich girl/poor girl romance that kept me well entertained from the very first paragraph.

Tess Robinson is so over and done with all of the big city living. Tess didn’t want to share a successful veterinary practice with her partner anymore because she had betrayed Tess on so many levels. So, Tess had decided to move back home to a small town in the Scottish countryside and start all over again from scratch. Nothing in this world could have prepared Tess for her first encounter with the posh, local royalty and landowner, Lady Susannah Karlson. Tess is so fed up of Lady Susannah’s bossy attitude and she doesn’t like the fact that this uppity lady actually owns majority of the land in the small town.

Lady Susannah Karlson has been in the closet for as long as she could remember. She is extremely wealthy but her wealth doesn’t stop her from having the worst year ever because she has recently become a widow and she has found herself locked into a very bitter and public battle over her vast estate. On top of all that, she has to deal with the hot-tempered new vet who has just returned from London. Lady Susannah thinks that Tess is too laid back and she isn’t capable of taking care of her horses but Lady Susannah is still attracted to this annoying woman.

Will Lady Susannah and Tess be able to get over their terrible first impressions of each other and their class differences so that they could work together for the good of the animals in their care? More importantly, will these stubborn women be able to contend with their insecurities, the undeniable attraction that’s been brewing between them, meddlesome village gossip and the spiteful and deadly dangers that surround them?

The Characters

Dr. Tess Robinson and Lady Susannah Karlson are both hard working and determined women who mean well but their quick tempers and their frank way of speaking will always put them at odds with each other. I know that I am seriously infatuated with Tess but I couldn’t stop myself from falling in love with Lady Susannah because I truly adore her wicked sense of humour.

I also lost a huge chunk of my heart to Finn! They are so lovely and loyal to Lady Susannah and I really wished that Finn was a real flesh and blood person because I would have loved to meet them. I am pretty sure that we would have bonded over sharing organizational techniques and hearty breakfast meals.

I must say that these characters were well fleshed out because I could easily picture their facial expressions in my mind and there were times where I felt as though I could easily put a voice to each character in this wonderful story.

The Writing Style

Once again, Lola Keeley has left me speechless and sleepless in the Caribbean with her engaging and flawless writing. I just couldn’t get enough of the entertaining banter and the sizzling sexual tension that was brewing between Susannah and Tess. This story definitely deserves way more than a coffee cup honor because this author gave me so many vivid descriptions of the Scottish countryside and I fell head over heels in love with the small town of Hayleith and the quirky characters who live there. I love the fact that this story was told through Susannah and Tess’s point of view because I got to know them through their innermost thoughts and desires.

The Pros

I have always had a soft spot for all medical professionals but veterinarians have always made me get weak in the knees because they take care of our beloved fur and feather babies. This story did not disappoint me at all because Tess is a woman after my own heart. This talented author gave me a feisty vet and a powerful, landowning diva with a title coupled with enough internal conflict, family drama and business upheavals to keep me anchored to my couch until the wee hours of the morning.

The Cons

This story should have been longer. No, scratch that—this story deserves a sequel!

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

Who doesn’t love a story that features an adorable fur baby by the name of Waffles, a beautiful countryside, nosy and endearing villagers and two gorgeous and equally headstrong women who are struggling to control their intense attraction to each other? I don’t know about you but this is definitely my kind of story! This lovely story has my book dragon’s stamp of approval on it and I’m pretty sure that you will enjoy the humorous situations and the swoon-worthy moments between Tess and Susannah.

Excerpt from A Roll In The Hay by Lola Keeley

As she slid her window down, Tess was greeted, not with the gnarly ancient farmer she expected, but a blonde woman her own age or maybe older, using her Barbour wax jacket like a personal tarpaulin to keep the rain off her buoyant, blown-out curls—the sort that somehow always fall into place. Even in the middle of nowhere she looked like someone who’d just stepped out of a shampoo advert.

“I’m sorry—” Tess began.

“Never mind, sorry.” Posh, then. English. Looked it as much as she sounded it. The type that would chase a teenage Tess and her friends off her land. “Can you get your impractical toy of a car out of the road? Just go forward. There’s a wider part in a hundred yards where you can turn.”

“Right, yeah.” Tess gunned the engine before wondering when exactly this woman got the right to tell her to do anything. “You know, I really was just getting my bearings. I wouldn’t have been here a minute longer, so you can just get back into your car and—”

“You’re on my land, and I’d like you not to be,” Blondie snapped. Some things really didn’t change when it came to the landowning snobs in this part of the world. “I’ve already been delayed this afternoon, and I have appointments yet to attend. Urgent ones. So do move along, otherwise I’ll be shunting you through one of those stone walls to make room.”

Charming. Absolutely charming. Just went to show that nice clothes and pretty hair and perfect make-up didn’t make a lady. Even one who could technically be described as attractive. Apart from her attitude, anyway.

No way, not happening. Tess didn’t want to speculate on exactly how badly she needed to get some action if she was looking at road rage as a potential dating opportunity.

“Well?” came the impatient demand.

Waffles, bless his protective instincts, barked at the tone.

The woman glanced to the back of Tess’s car. “Have you got a dog in there? Poor mutt.”

“Yes, I have, as it happens,” Tess says. “And he’s a retired guide dog, for your information, not some mutt. Not that it would matter if he were.”

Waffles added his own bellowing bark, as if proudly agreeing.

That at least got Blondie to step back from the open window, striding back to her car like the world was depending on her.

Right. Better to get on and get out of the way. Rolling down the road in second gear, Tess peered through the rain. Sure enough, there was a widening where the walls disappeared. Pulling over to the left, she waited as Lady Snooty whizzed past. Not exactly the battered farmer’s model, but she’d had the cheek to judge Tess’s car?

Not surprisingly, there was no wave or tooted horn in acknowledgement, just the roar of a powerful engine and the spit of gravel.

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