In this episode we look at 4 Dramatic Romances Sheena Loves To Reread. This is part of Sheena’s selection of books from the list TLR’s 55 most reread books

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The books we discuss

Courting The Countess by Jenny Frame

Courting The Countess by Jenny FramePublisher Bold Strokes Books

Audio Narrated by Nicola Victoria Vincent


Professor of Archeology Henrietta “Harry” Knight becomes Countess of Axedale upon her father’s death and takes a sabbatical from Cambridge University to begin refurbishing the long-neglected and run-down Axedale Hall. The child of a loveless marriage, witness to her father’s infidelities and her mother’s pain, Harry has no intention of ever falling in love.

Annie Brannigan is a survivor, remaining positive through hardships. As an agency housekeeper, she moves from post to post with her daughter Riley, taking care of people who have everything she will never have. Annie’s greatest wish is to find her happy ever after, but she fears this dream will never come true.

Can love restore the countess’s heart and the crumbling Axedale Hall, or will the foundations of love turn to dust at the first challenge?

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Tricky Wisdom by Camryn Eyde

Tricky Wisdom by Camryn EydePublisher Indie Author and Audible Studios

Audio Narrated by Nikki Jacobs


Darcy Wright is a closeted lesbian who has been infatuated with her best friend, Taylor, since junior high. Leaving her small northeast Minnesota town for Harvard in a quest to become a doctor, she moves in with med student Olivia Boyd, a neurotic, anal, gigantic pain in the backside. The first year of juggling medical school is gruelling, but it’s nothing compared to living with Olivia. 

Coming out to her friends and family with an anti-climactic flop, Darcy uses her newly publicized sexuality to try and win Taylor’s affections through an ill-hatched scheme that crosses uncomfortable lines. The result is as unexpected to Darcy as Darcy’s affinity for medicine is to Olivia. 

The first year of medical school is a nerve-wracking encounter in medicine, learning lessons the hard way, and finding what her heart desires.

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The Road To Madison by Elle Spencer

The Road to Madison by Elle SpencerPublisher Bold Strokes Books

Audio Narrated by Lori Prince


As the sole heir to her family’s banking empire, a lot is expected of Madison Prescott. Falling in love with her childhood friend Ana Perez was not in the cards. As Madison’s father puts it, “A gay daughter? Married to the maid’s daughter? Running my company? Over my dead body.”

By the time George Prescott dies, it’s been 15 years since Madison and Ana were ripped apart by his lies. They haven’t spoken since, but Madison has spent every minute waiting for this day to come. Unfortunately, it turns out time doesn’t heal all wounds. Why was Madison willing to give up everything in the face of her father’s threats, and why can she never tell Ana the truth about what really separated them?

Caught between a present they can’t trust and a past they can’t forget, Madison and Ana must decide if this is their second chance, or their final heartbreak.

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Tomorrow’s Promise Radclyffe

Tomorrows Promise by RadclyffePublisher Bold Strokes Books

Audio Narrated by Natalie Duke


Adrienne Pierce, buffeted by fate and abandoned by love, seeks refuge from her past as well as her uncertain future on Whitley Point, a secluded island off the coast of Maine. Tanner Whitley – young, wild, restless – and heir to a dynasty, desperately tries to escape both her destiny and the memories of a tragic loss with casual sex and wild nights, a dangerous course that may ultimately destroy her.

One timeless summer, these two very different women discover the power of passion to heal – and the promise of hope that only love can bestow.



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Over the years she became frustrated with purchasing mediocre lesbian fiction feeling like it was a waste of her money and time. And so she decided to share only the best books and movies with lesbians who are looking for only the best. And so, The Lesbian Review was born