These are 10 Brilliant Books With Epic Book Beginnings. These book beginnings set the tone for what is to come and I love every single one of the books from start to finish.

These are the 10 that barely escaped my Top 10 Lesbian Book Beginnings but ultimately they needed their own list because these ones have brilliant middles and ends too.

Without delay I give you:

10 Brilliant Books With Epic Book Beginnings

The Magistrate by Keira Michelle Telford1: The Magistrate by Keira Michelle Telford

Fourteen thirty-three.

Fourteen thirty-two.

Fourteen thirty-one.

Fourteen and a half minutes left.

Carmen checks her watch one last time and covers it with her sleeve. She’ll make the deadline – she always has. She’s never lost a bet.

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Captain of industry by karin kallmaker2: Captain Of Industry by Karin Kallmaker

The twinkling party lights woven into the hedges and trees brightened the amber glow of the chardonnay that was no longer in Jennifer Lamont’s glass. Droplets of wine shimmered in an arc away from her, and in each Jennifer fancied she could see snapshots from the A-list soiree that surrounded her.

In the nearest drop was the face of her ex, cuddling with the new love. The next reflected the swathed sculpture up for auction. The ribbon of shimmering wine just leaving the fluted mouth of her glass gleamed with a hundred eyes that had turned from their vivacious conversations toward her crescendoing cry of alarm.

There were at least seventy Beautiful People gathered in the expansive cliffside backyard of some Southern California Internet Tycoon, and all of them were eager to talk about women in politics while they showed their support for breast cancer screening and research. All of them now witnessing La Lamont falling off her five-inch Jimmy Choo heels.

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camryn eyde tricky wisdom reviewed on The Lesbian Review3: Tricky Wisdom by Camryn Eyde

Perfect. She was just damn perfect.

I sighed and continued waving at the speck that was my best friend as the bus gained momentum. She had stood at the bus terminal in a summer frock that showed off all that olive skin that I longed to touch. Moving away was unavoidable. Studying to become a doctor was rather difficult in a town boasting a total population of one thousand. I sighed again and thought of Taylor’s beautiful smile. Of her twinkling blue eyes. Of those full plump lips I had been staring at since I was thirteen and wondering what they’d taste like.

I sighed, thinking of the night before when I had been given the perfect moment to tell my best friend how I felt.

“I wish you didn’t have to go,” Taylor had said, hugging me tight and stalling our progress to the lakeside docks.

“Me too,” I said, hugging her back just as tight and mentally mapping the way her body fit against mine. For the millionth time, I cringed at myself taking advantage of moment like this. If Taylor knew, I was pretty sure all our public displays of platonic affection would cease to exist.

“I want to keep you here in my arms forever,” she had whispered against my neck.

Goosebumps erupted across my body. “I want to stay here forever,” I whispered back against the blonde hair falling down over her shoulders. I licked my lips, my mouth turning dry as I tried to work up the courage to tell her I’d been head over heels in love with her for years. “Tay, I…the thing is. I’m kind of…well..I…”

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Stepping Stone by Karin Kallmaker4: Stepping Stone by Karin Kallmaker

There are three kinds of Hollywood parties – brawls, benefits and bright lights. As a rule, when an evening had all three, Selena Ryan attended them in that order. After a polite appearance at a brawl, she could be gone before the police were necessary, still stay awake during the speeches lauding everyone’s favorite charity of the evening, and arrive at the strut-posture-and-pose after the A-list had sated the paparazzi.

She showed her invitation to the security guard at the foot of the long driveway, then shaded her eyes as she navigated her Prius between parked cars lining both shoulders of the private road. After she’s been sitting indoors all day, the burnt orange sunset made her eyes water.

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Warming Trend by Karin Kallmaker5: Warming Trend by Karin Kallmaker

Misting, frigid air poured out of the ice maker, pooling around Anidyr Bycall’s ankles as she scooped another bucket full of ice from under the bar. She bumped the door shut with her hip, but there was no relief from the cold. Her fingerless gloves were frosted across the backs and she could see her breath handing in the chilled air as she worked.

A woman who’s been drinking beers for an hour dropped some bills on the bar before leaving and Ani wasn’t surprised to feel them crackle in her hand. Customers came into the On the Rocks Ice Bar to escape the humidity and heat of Key West, and their currency was damp in their pockets. By the time they left, the money had frozen.

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Just Like That by Karin Kallmaker6: Just Like That by Karin Kallmaker

“Everybody knows that a single woman with good money is in want of a wife.” Jane waded out of the pond and stood dripping on the old blanket they’d tossed over the soft, early spring grass.

The outrageous statement succeeded in banishing Syrah’s drowsiness. “You? Wife material?”

Jane shook water out of her hair. “I figure if a woman’s making steady green and she’s in her forties, never been engaged, maybe even still a virgin, then she needs a wife.”

“You mean she needs you.” Syrah plucked a grape from the fist-sized cluster on the blanket next to her.

“Same thing. Are those good?” Jane peered dubiously at the bright green fruit, then picked one for herself.

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Janes World by Paige Braddock7: Jane’s World by Paige Braddock

In less than an hour, thanks to PayBuddy and a feeble password, everything in Jane’s life would change. But first there would be donuts.

Jane’s heart sped up just a wee bit as she pushed through the break room door and spotted it in the center of the table. Settled in the midst of various coffee accessories and random snack debris, the pink cardboard box sent a signal of pure joy.

She raised the lid only to have her hopes sag like cold, lumpy oatmeal.

The sole donut left in a box big enough to have once held at least a dozen was an old-fashioned. Greasy, dark, half-circle footprints across the bottom of the cardboard box signaled that there had been others, but only this lone survivor remained.

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dark valentine by Jennifer fulton8: Dark Valentine by Jennifer Fulton

The survival instinct eclipsed all. Perception. Reason. Despair.

Rhianna Lamb knew the feeling. Dangling a cocktail napkin into her wine, she collected the insect flailing in the ruby liquid and lifted it to safety. As she gently shook the napkin beneath the table, she felt someone behind her.

In a throaty bass, a woman asked, “If I tell you I’m drowning, will you save me too?”

Rhianna looked up and met bold, dark eyes the color of wet shale. They were a little creased in the corners, like the owner’s mouth, and just as shamelessly sensuous. The face did not belong to the woman she’d expected to meet here.

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Southern Girl by Renee J Lukas9: Southern Girl by Renee J Lukas

This is it, she thought, traveling down I-40- this is what hell feels like. Tennessee in the summer. No water. No convenience store for a cold beverage. If it weren’t for the occasional highway sign, it could have been Death Valley. As long as she didn’t see any human skulls frying in the sun, she could handle it.

Carolyn times watched fir trees turn to poplars, skyscrapers morph into sweaty old barns with rusty roofs leaning precariously to one side, New England light into a southern summer haze.

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tarnished gold by ann aptaker10: Tarnished Gold by Ann Aptaker

On a freighter sailing into New York Harbor, 1950

The first killer to come at me tonight is the wind. The cold October wind smacks me in the face, claws at my flesh right through my raincoat, and tries to toss me overboard as I swing myself over the ship’s rail and down the rope ladder. The ladder’s wild in the wind, shimmying like a hopped-up stripper, slamming me against the hull of the freighter, a French bucket hauling a cargo of sweet perfumes and smelly cheeses. I’m not the type of dame who wears perfume, though I’m happy to wallow in the scented skin of the ladies in my life. Too bad the freighter’s only carrying the dollar-ninety-eight a bottle variety, the kind whose aroma lingers in a headache; not worth pilfering any bottles to give to the ladies.

If I want to live long enough to enjoy a classier variety of perfumed nights I’d better get a better handle on this rope ladder. The wind wants to smash me to pieces as I climb down the bone-twisting fifty-foot descent to Red Drogan’s tugboat. And now there’s a second killer snapping at my ankles: spray from the churning river soaks the rope, makes it slippery. I might as well be trying to get a foothold on slithering eels.

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I am sure that you noticed several Karin Kallmaker books on this list. It is because she has splendiferous books.

She is a great writer, this is why she is ‘like super famous’ in the lesbian literature circles. Check out Wikipedia if you don’t believe me.

At one point I had a Top 15 pile with only Kallmaker in it and I had to eliminate a bunch so that it could include a couple of other authors.

I hope you enjoyed this list of 10 Brilliant Books With Epic Book Beginnings. I certainly enjoyed reading them all



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