This is my list of the 10 best supernatural lesbian books.

I adore reading supernatural novels and am always drawn to them so I thought I would put out a list. What’s better than a top 10 list of lesbian books?

Five Moons Rising by Lise MacTague1 Five Moons Rising by Lise MacTague published by Bella Books

Back Of The Book: Unknown to regular citizens, nightmarish creatures lurk in the dark underbelly of human civilization. The presence of these supranormals (“supras”)—werewolves, vampires, demons—is a closely guarded government secret, as is the existence of a cadre of specially engineered Hunters charged with exterminating them.

Code-named Malice, Hunter Mary Alice Nolan was genetically modified and rigorously trained to use her great strength, heightened senses, and killer instincts to track and eliminate supras who prey on the innocent. A loner by choice, her only real link to the human world is her close connection to her mother and sister—until the unthinkable happens…

Ruri Samson has been a werewolf for more than a century and is comfortably situated as the Beta of her peaceful pack. Until she is betrayed by the woman she loves and an evil outsider massacres her Alpha and his most loyal followers. Barely escaping with her life, Ruri is forced to tread the perilous path of a lone wolf while vowing vengeance against the usurper and his minions.

Although these two powerful women should rightfully despise each other, fate will soon compel them to join forces on a dangerous quest to avenge their loved ones—and will ignite a forbidden passion that neither of them ever imagined.

My thoughts: This book is brilliant and you should just get it. Right now.

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Night Vision by Karin Kallmaker, Lesbian Books2 Night Vision by Karin Kallmaker published by Bella Books

Back of the book: Julia Madison is having nightmares. Every night. All night. Painful and perplexing, the nightmares of a woman in captivity calling for help escalate until she is having them during the day, wide awake. Doctors prescribe pills. Therapists theorize about past lives and post-traumatic stress. Fortune tellers predict she will meet a tall, mysterious stranger. Julia would prefer to blame her ex, her job, even the Santa Ana winds.

In spite of her long history as a loner, she turns to a support group for women with sleep disorders. To her amazement she learns that the other lesbians in the group—and only the lesbians—are having similar nightmares. No longer believing these vivid night visions are in their heads, the women join forces to find the source of their disturbance.

Since Julia knows that her dreams focus on the woman she’s named Sirena, finding Sirena is her number one priority. Convincing the other lesbians to help her comb the Mojave Desert is only the beginning of the adventure.

Karin Kallmaker’s story pits the power of sisterhood—and love—against the savagery of fear and hate.

My thoughts: I adore this book. And while I am very aware that Christabel (by Kallmaker) also has supernatural elements, I do try to keep books to only one list per book. And since Christabel is on my Top 10 Lesbian Books list I wanted to choose another one for this spot.

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Paradox valley by gerri hill3 Paradox Valley Gerri Hill published by Bella Books

Back of the book: Was it an earthquake? A meteor? Or something else entirely?

Running from a marriage proposal in Seattle, Dana Ingram returns to her parents’ farm in Western Colorado for a two-week vacation in Paradox Valley. Only a couple of days into it, however, a small earthquake leaves them without power. Cars won’t start, batteries don’t work and cell phones are useless.

When a Black Hawk helicopter vanishes off of radar, Captain Corey Conaway is sent in to locate it and its crew—all while keeping the disappearance out of the media. When she meets Dana and her cousin, Butch, Corey solicits their help in the search. But as they travel on horseback through the rugged and remote Paradox Valley, what they stumble upon soon has them running for their lives.

My thoughts: I do love when Gerri Hill gets writing on the supernatural. This book is scary in spots and it has a charming romance as a secondary storyline. A fun read and it is also available as a great audiobook. On a side note, two of Hill’s other supernatural novels have made my Top 10 list which is why they aren’t featured here.

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Valley Of The Dead by Chrystal M Romero4 Valley Of The Dead by Crystal M Romero

Back of the book: Gay Pride weekend this year was bound to go down in history because of the nation’s advances in equality. Across California’s Silicon Valley, couples gathered for numerous weddings, and people showed their pride at a downtown park. Even the usual religious protesters failed to ruin the celebration. Unfortunately, history would not remember this as the day of celebrating equality but as the day the zombies overran the world. Revelry quickly turned to chaos as the crowds fought for their lives.

Yvonne Martin just wanted to relax at home this year, but a frantic call from her best friend set her on a terrifying mission to save him. Along the way, they are thrown together with Captain Jacqueline Rhodes and her partner, the last surviving officers of the police force. Together with some of their neighbors, they must make their escape from this Valley of the Dead.

My thoughts: Bring on the apocalypse. With this hilarious and sweet bunch of misfits (including two cops, a couple of drag queens and a dyke) you will find yourself ready to take on the zombies and go on a road trip with a little bit of horror, loads of laughter and a little romance too. It’s an utterly fun read.

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Ex Wives of Dracula by Georgette Kaplan

5 Ex Wives Of Dracula by Georgette Kaplan published by Ylva Publishing

Back of the book: What’s worse than falling in love with a straight girl? Falling in love with a straight girl who drinks blood. And not even in a goth way.

High school senior Mindy Murphy, has been questioning her small town life forever and, more recently, her sexuality. Maybe it has something to do with her new friend, Lucia West. When they were kids they used to be besties, until Lucia grew a head taller and a cup size bigger. Now she’s captain of the cheer team, winner of the Boyfriend Olympics, and voted least likely to remember Mindy at their high school reunion.
In short, possibly the worst person alive for Mindy to crush on. Especially after Lucia’s bitten by a vampire. Now the only way to keep her alive is to get her blood, and the only way to cure her is to slay the vampire that turned her.

Who knows, maybe after they get this vampire business settled, Lucia can explain to Mindy why she kissed her.

My thoughts: Brooklyn LOVED this book. It is an extremely witty story if you want something a little less brooding with vampires then this is a good go to.

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Goldenseal by Gill McKnightAmbereye by Gill McKnightIndigo Moon by Gil McKnightSilver Collar by Gill McKnightLittle Dip by Gill McKnight

6 The Garoul Series by Gill McKnight published by Bold Strokes Books and Dirt Road Books

My thoughts: I strongly suggest you buy the set. While the books are not always about the same characters they are all charming in their own right and it’s a fun series.

Book 1: Goldenseal

Back of the book: When Amy Fortune returns to her childhood home, she discovers something sinister in the air—but is former lover Leone Garoul stalking her or protecting her? Amy Fortune and Leone Garoul were teenage lovers. Now, years later, Amy returns to Little Dip, the Garoul home valley to help her aunt finish a botanical project. Except Little Dip is no longer the happy place of Amy’s childhood memories. There’s something sinister in the woods. And why hasn’t Leone moved on? Why does she still dog Amy’s every move? As more and more of the Garoul family arrive for a special hunting weekend, parts of the puzzle come together and Amy’s fears escalate as she moves closer to the truth—and the secret that has eluded her since childhood.

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Book 2: Ambereye

Back of the book: The thing with the Garouls is you never get quite what you think you will. They really are something else.

Hope Glassy loves her job at Ambereye, Inc., despite having Jolie Garoul as her new boss.

Jolie is a moody workaholic. She is awkward, contrary, and on occasion just plain mean. Hope is hardworking, popular, and in recovery from a serious illness. She doesn’t need a bizarre boss. She doesn’t need office politics. And she doesn’t need to work over Thanksgiving either. Nevertheless, that’s what she and Jolie end up doing…in Little Dip, home of the Garoul clan.

An important meeting brings them to the valley where it’s assumed Jolie has brought her chosen mate to meet her pack. Much to her consternation Jolie finds she likes this idea, but Hope has no time for romance. She is eager to get her life, health, and career back on track, nothing more. Jolie is determined to change her mind, but how does a lycanthrope woo a human? A small and super-efficient, bossy boots human at that?

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Book 3 Indigo Moon

Back of the book: The road trip from Hell is paved with good intentions.

Hope Glassy and Godfrey Meyers are on a mercy mission. Their friend Isabelle has been attacked by a rogue werewolf and is in the throes of lycanthropic fever. With their respective partners out of town all Hope and Godfrey can do is get Isabelle to the safety of Little Dip and the Garoul clan before her sire comes to claim her.

In a desperate race against time, with the hounds of hell snapping at their heels, can they save her—and does Isabelle want to be saved?

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Book 4 Silver Collar

Back of the book: Luc Garoul is outlawed and out of control. The Garouls have set their best hunters after her before she self-destructs and takes the whole pack with her. But will they reach her in time? A more sinister predator has Luc in her crosshairs—a hunter as cunning and unforgiving as her prey.

Twenty years ago, Emily Johnston’s father drowned in the Silverthread River, and no one in the town of Lost Creek believes it was an accident. For years, Emily has been spying on the Garouls. She has some ideas of her own as to what they really are. Now her chance has come. A lone Garoul has crossed her path, and Emily is determined to avenge her father. Emily is a strong and skilled hunter. And she has a silver collar.

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Prequel Little Dip

Back of the book: It’s 1977, and Connie Fortune has an easy, freewheeling life as a wildlife photographer and illustrator. A new contract brings her to the Little Dip valley in Oregon to track down a rare bird, but a clash with Sylvie Garoul, the valley’s owner and matriarch of the mysterious Garoul family, and her daughter, the haughty, frustrating, but somehow bewitching Marie Garoul, ruins the deal.

The following year Connie tries again, but this time, things have changed. The residents of nearby Lost Creek are up in arms about strange goings-on in the valley, with blame swirling around the Garouls. Connie is unsure whose side she is on, even as she’s drawn deeper into Little Dip.

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Haunting Love by KA Moll7 Haunting Love by KA Moll

Back of the book: Anna Crestwood was raised in the strict beliefs of a religious sect nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. She’s a lesbian with a ton of baggage—fearful, guilty, and alone. Very few things would compel her to leave the familiar. The job offer of a lifetime is one of them. Against her better judgment, she packs up, and moves to Illinois. Unfortunately, she’s not there long before she’s convinced that the devil is hunting her down.

Gabe Garst is a police officer. She’s also a powerful medium. Her work with juvenile delinquents and ghosts is all that keeps her going. Inside she’s dead, certain that her capacity to love is buried six feet under. Talking with and seeing the dead has always come easily, and yet for some reason, she’s not able to communicate with her late wife. She’s grieving, depressed, and alone. Suicide seems like the best option. It’s just a matter of time.

Anna and Gabe’s paths cross. Their attraction is immediate, but they hold back until all hope seems lost. As good battles evil, two tortured souls must engage in a struggle to overcome demons of their own.

My thoughts: I really enjoyed the supernatural elements in this book. Moll wrote a fun read that has some fast-paced action, some sweet romance and a very cute side story with a ghost.

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Dark Dreamer by Jennifer Fulton8 Dark Dreamer by Jennifer Fulton published by Bold Strokes Books

Back of the book: Best selling horror author Rowe Devlin has had two flops in a row and keeps falling in love with straight women. Seeking inspiration and a fresh start, she abandons life in Manhattan for an old Victorian house in Maine. But Dark Harbor Cottage is a far cry from the tranquil writing environment she envisioned. For a start, the place is haunted, and the ghost is none too friendly. To make life even more difficult, her neighbors are a huge distraction. The Temple twins, Phoebe and Cara, are identical and profoundly alluring, and Rowe is soon under their spell, unable to decide which of the two she is more in love with. Just when it seems things can’t get any worse, she finds herself embroiled in a mystery more bizarre and frightening than anything she’s ever written. Intrigue, passion and suspense combine in this taut paranormal thriller/romance, the first in Jennifer Fulton’s new Heartstoppers series.

My thoughts: This book is fun, scary, crazy and thrilling. I love the mix of genres and the romantic element is so cleverly done that it has you undecided as to who the love interest should be.

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The Midnight Hunt by LL Raand9 The Midnight Hunt by LL Raand published by Bold Strokes Books

Back of the book: What do you do when you wake up to a whole new life…with dangerous urges you can’t control?

Medic Drake McKennan has never been good at following protocol, so she doesn’t think twice about rendering emergency care when a teenager’s life is at stake—even if the young girl is in the throes of Were fever and any sane human should know better. It isn’t the bright shining pain of the bite or even the wrenching agonies of the fever that convinces Drake everything in her life has changed. It’s the way she feels about the blonde with the wolf-gold eyes who awakens a dark hunger she can’t control…and doesn’t want to. Sylvan, the Alpha of the Adirondack Timberwolf Pack, is the one female Drake can’t have. And the only one she craves.

A Midnight Hunters novel

My thoughts: Arguably one of the first supernatural lesbian books to really be recognized as a good read. This series paved the way for all supernatural lesfic that followed. Definitely a must-read.

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Wild by Meghan OBrien10 Wild by Meghan O’Brien

Back of the book: The only thing that frightens shapeshifter Selene Rhodes more than the full moon is the idea of falling in love.

Selene Rhodes has lived her whole life with a terrible secret: not only can she take the form of any animal at will, but once a month the full moon transforms her into a fierce wolf-creature without a human conscience. Managing her condition means living by a strict routine, and more importantly, abstaining from intimate relationships with human beings. Selene is convinced that love and friendship can only bring her pain.

Forensic pathologist Eve Thomas is well-acquainted with the pain of romantic love. Swearing off relationships after having her heart broken by a cheating ex, Eve throws herself into her work: catching murderers. When Selene comes to her aid after an attack by a masked man in Golden Gate Park, Eve is shocked by how powerfully she is drawn to her mysterious savior.

Shaken by her own feelings for Eve, Selene is even more terrified to realize she isn’t even close to being the scariest monster stalking San Francisco. There is someone out in the city who is killing for pleasure, and his next target is the one woman he thinks might be able to stop him: Eve.

My thoughts: I loved the romance interspersed with the thriller element of catching a killer. The sex was hot and the narration on this novel was spot on.

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I hope you enjoyed this list and have many fun hours reading all about supernatural lesbians. And please share the love by sharing this list with others.

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