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The lesbian fiction universe is filled with novels ranging from great to terrible. I remember being overwhelmed by choices and yet found it really difficult to find a good book, never mind the right book. Like today I feel like reading about a princess and a female knight – forget it. It was almost impossible to find those novels.

That is where we come in.

The Lesbian Review is the home of reviews done by women who absolutely LOVE lesbian fiction and who are not just going to read and enjoy every lesbian novel out there. We read a lot and are a tough crowd to please. But that is great news for you because it means we only showcase lesbian fiction books that are really good. If we don’t like it, we don’t review it.

We also categorise and tag our books to make it easier for you to find the kind of books you want to read.

Our reading is widespread. We read anything from lesbian indie author novels to books that are published by the larger lesbian fiction publishers. And hey, we even profile some of our favourite lesbian fiction authors so that you can get to know them better.

Find The Right Lesbian Fiction

Here are some helpful tips to help you navigate our site a little better and find books you really want to read.


Not all reviewers have the same taste in novels. I will sometimes disagree with my reviewers on novels and vice versa. This is why we credit the reviewers. That way you can see which books she has reviewed and learn which reviewers you are most likely to agree with.

I know, for example, that if I (Sheena) say that a book is a must-read then there are readers out there who will go and buy the book because they know that they tend to agree with my recommendations.

You can see our list of lesbian fiction reviewers here.

Other Lesbian Media

If you are into podcasts then you should take a look at our podcasts on The Lesbian Talk Show.

We interview authors on The Write Stuff, have mini podcasts where authors do readings from their novels (Book Clips), we will sometimes discuss books in Les Talk About it and the ladies from the Women and Words blog have their own weekly roundup of what’s happening in the world of lesbian fiction.

top-10-lesbian-booksTop 10 lists

Because we read so much, we are able to create a number of awesome Top 10 lists. You can find the best of the best in lesbian fiction on our Top 10 lists.


We have created a number of categories for the novels we review. This will help you find novels that you really want to read. For example, you may want an action novel, good news – we have an action category and if you click on that then you will see all the action novels that we have reviewed.

You can see all of our categories below:

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We use tags to credit the people who have created the novel or movie. Authors, publishers, actors, directors and producers will appear in the tags.

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