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We have had some really popular Top 10 Lesbian Lists. To make it easy for you to find them we compiled a page dedicated to our Top 10 Lists.

These are done oldest at the top to newest at the bottom, so scroll all the way down so you don’t miss the new ones.

10 best lesbian books10 Best Lesbian Books

This is our best of the best list. The books on this list are the ones we consider the top lesbian books of all time. We loved each book so much that we have read them all over and over again.

This list has been challenged an often people disagree, but that is because they haven’t read these books.

Although I do change it up every now and then when I get a book that is so gorgeous that I just can’t see how it could possibly escape my top 10 list.

See the full list here

10 best books of 201610 Best Books Of 2016

Of all the books that were published in 2016 these are my absolute top picks. There is a range of sub genres to choose from so whether you love chicklit or horror, there is bound to be something for the discerning lesbian reader.

See My Full List Here

top 10 lesbian fiction of 2016Top 10 Books Of 2016

Tara put together a brilliant list of her favorite books for 2016. They range in tone and type giving you a great range of choices.

See Her Full List Here


10 Best Lesbian Audiobooks10 best lesbian audiobooks

Find our 10 favourite audiobooks for lesbians here. Not only are they great stories that are written well, but the narrators are fantastic and the audio quality is excellent.

This is the perfect list to start you on your journey to enjoying great lesbian audiobooks.

You can see the full list here


Top 10 Lesbian Movies

These are the ten best lesbian movies ever made. They combine the beauty of a lesbian story line with good film making, a great script and believable acting.

If you only ever watch 10 lesbian movies, make sure it is these.

See the full list here

top 10 lesbian beginnings

Top 10 Lesbian Book Beginnings

The beginning of the book sets the tone for the rest of the book. A good beginning is crucial for a great book.

We have scoured hundreds of lesbian books to find you the best lesbian book beginnings around.

See the full list here

10 Brilliant Books With Epic Beginnings10 Brilliant Books With Epic Beginnings

These are brilliant books with beautiful written beginnings that draw you right in.

These are absolutely worth reading and contains a number of Karin Kallmaker books. She is the queen of lesbian romance for a reason.

See the full list here


Top 10 Lesbian Book Covers

We scoured our shelves, Amazon and more to bring you the very best Lesbian Book Covers from around the globe.

Not only are they beautiful but they depict the book well and are likely to help sell the book.

See the full list here

10 must-read lesbian novels

10 Must-Read Lesbian Novels

These are 10 lesbian novels that are absolute must-reads. This list encompasses brilliant books for the discerning lesbian fiction reader.

There is bound to be at least one novel that you will love on this list. Every single one of these books blew me away.

See the full list here

top-10-2015Top 10 Lesbian Books of 2015

These are Tara’s Top 10 lesbian novels for 2015. Everything from romance to romantic erotica made this list.

This is a must-read list of lesbian fiction.

See the full list here

best lesbian romances

Top 10 Lesbian Romances

This is a must-read list of great lesbian romance. We did something a little different with this one and instead of designing it just by best books we also looked at some fun themes.

See the full list here


foodies lesbian top 10 listTop 10 Romances For Foodies

Aurora Rey did the most beautiful list of lesbian romance novels with a food theme. This is really great for anyone who loves food and romance.

See the full list here


10-best-lesbian-short-stories10 Best Lesbian Short Stories

There is nothing better than a great short story. Something that you can enjoy over a weekend or during busy week when you don’t have the time for a long novel, but you are keen on enjoying a great read.

We have compiled a list of some fantastic short stories, novellas and short story collections for you to enjoy.

Check out our full list here

celebrity romances lesbian fiction

Top 10 Lesbian Celebrity Romances

What can be better than a great celebrity romance novel?

The stakes are higher when you are a celebrity, the drama is increased and the lifestyle is sexier.

Tara did a wonderful Top 10 List for those of us who are drawn to the glitz and glamour of lesbian celebrity romances.

See our full list here


Top 10 Erotic Lesbian Novels

Erotic romance must be one of the more difficult lesbian novels to write because you need to keep it steamy but ensure that the story is compelling enough to drive the action.

We showcase a range of books to get your blood going while keeping the story well written and entertaining.

See The Full List Here

top-10-lesbian-rich-girl-poor-girl-romance-fictionTop 10 Rich Girl/Poor Girl Lesbian Novels

Money complicates a lot of things and creates a barrier between those with it and those without. Sometimes, though, love can break those barriers.

We bring you 10 excellent novels about rich girls and poor girls falling in love.

See The Full List Here


Top 10 Lesbian Science Fiction Novels

Women with guns, space ships and more. Sexy women in the future and don’t forget the odd alien, android and tyrannical leader.

We love a good sci-fi and have brought you only the best in this top 10 list.

See Our Full List Here


10 best supernatural lesbian books10 Best Supernatural Novels

Zombies, ghosts, vampires and werewolves. This list showcases lesbians and supernatural forces. Some are scary, some are full of action and in some the lesbians are the scary ones.

These are all great reads for those who want something a little less romance and a little more super…well supernatural.

See Our Full List Here

Top 15 Lesbian Fanfiction storiestop 15 lesbian fan fiction

A lot of lesbian authors cut their teeth by doing fan fiction. And you may be surprised by just how much television shows can inspire great lesbian fanfiction. In this best-of list, Tara was joined by Lee Winter, KD Williamson, G Benson and Mary D to expose their favorite fanfiction for lesbians.

See Our Full List here

Top 10 Lesbian MothersTop 10 Lesbian Mothers

Laina Villeneuve created a lovely list of some of the best mothers in lesbian fiction.

What’s not to love about the woman who nurtures and protects and when a little bit of romance is thrown in then it’s even better.

You can see her full list here

10 Kids Books For A Lesbian Mom

10 Kids Books For A Lesbian Mom

This is a great list to get you started if you are a lesbian mom and you want books to help your kids.

This is a great list of queer books for small kids.

You can read the full list here

top-10-lesbian-friend-to-lover-fiction10 Best Friends To Lovers Lesbian Novels

This is all about the magic of seeing your friend in a new light. These novels are full of friends realising that they were meant to be together.

Read the full list here


10 Best Second Chance Romances10 Best Second Chance Romances

Who doesn’t love a brilliant story about two women finding each other again? Not only does it give us hope that there can be second chances but it is sooooo romantic. Like it’s meant to be.

Check out our list here

10 Best Sports Romances10 Best Lesbian Sports Romances

Who doesn’t love a woman who plays sports? Here are 10 of our absolute favorite novels with sporty women add romance and you have some winners.

Our list is coming soon


10 Best Vacation Romances

Getting away from your life is great but add to that a beautiful romance and you have a great read.

We showcase the best of the best in vacation romances, guaranteed to get your heart to swell with romance.

Coming soon


10 Best Enemies to Lovers Lesbian Romances

There is something really sexy about two women who start off as enemies and end up and lovers. The drama, the sexual tension. Mmmm what more could a girl want?

Coming soon

top-10-lesbian-age-gap-romance-fictionTop 10 Age Gap Lesbian Fiction

Some call it May/December but we don’t like that title because it implies an old person and an older person getting together. These are books where the two women are ten years apart in age – they could be 18 and 28 or 50 and 60, because when it comes to love age is just a number.

Coming soon


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