Just Like That by Karin KallmakerJust Like That by Karin Kallmaker is the best kind of romance. It has lesbians, just enough angst and a delightful wit and writing style. This book is exactly why Kallmaker has been labeled the queen of lesbian romance. But before I fangirl too hard, let’s begin with the story.

This is a lesbian retelling of Pride And Prejudice. While I was never a huge fan of the original (too few lesbians). I absolutely love what Kallmaker did with this one – which is more than just adding loads of lesbians.

First she starts off by introducing Syrah Ardani and her best friend, Jane. She uses the famous line and lesbifies it which automatically makes it better – “Everybody knows that a single woman with good money is in want of a wife.”

Then we discover than Syrah’s father owns a wine estate in the Napa Valley but her father is having financial trouble. Enter corporate turnaround specialist Toni Blanchard.

Syrah is concerned when she hears of Toni’s reputation for closing companies and putting people out of work. What Syrah doesn’t know is that Toni is looking for respite from her ex who is causing all sorts of havoc in Manhattan. So, when Toni’s friend Missy buys an old property near Syrah’s wine farm with the aim of renovating it Toni takes the opportunity to get out of the city. Not only can she visit her friend but she can also conduct some business while she is the area – business in the form of trying to save a wine farm that is in serious debt.

Passion, misunderstandings and ex girlfriends come to play in this sweet, angsty romance that will have you awake late into the night to read just one more page.

The Characters

I absolutely love Toni. She is smart, caring, passionate and completely stupid about her feelings for Syrah. (It’s the best kind of love interest.)

Syrah is smart, passionate, feisty and sexy. She too is utterly stupid about her feelings for Toni and is willing to believe the bad rather than what she sees with her own eyes because she is terrified of falling in love. (The best king of romantic lead.)

We also have Jane and Missy, two adorable women who are so meant to be together and yet they let their idiot friends tear them apart. (Ah so, so good.)

The Writing Style

There is a reason Karin Kallmaker hits the top of many of my must-read lists. It’s because she is a great writer. Her words are beautiful, her wit is spot on and her stories fill me with a joy that I struggle to describe appropriately. I suppose the closest I could get would be that gut clenching, heartbeat raising, high-pitched squeee feeling of excitement and delight that one gets.

And have I mentioned the shear pleasure of reading such beautifully written lines? Lines like this: A visitor to the tasting room perhaps, but not recently. It might have been several years ago, before that discontented furrow had marked the olive-tinted brow.

Amusing lines like this: “This is Nate’s. I don’t know what it’s really called,” Syrah added hastily, “but it’s run by Nate. Doesn’t matter who’s behind the bar, the tag says Nate.”

And let’s talk about how sexy this book is, Kallmaker adds just the right amount of wanton spice to her story mix to get you fully invested in the romance. For example: The slow sound of the zipper, followed by Toni’s warm breath on her spine made Syrah wonderfully dizzy.

The Pros

Every paragraph. Every Line. Every word.

The Cons

I am not a huge fan of the cover. It doesn’t do justice to the beauty of the story within.

taras favourite lesbian bookssheena's favouriteThe Conclusion

It’s a smart, sweet, witty novel with all the best bits of a Kallmaker. Read this book and I guarantee you will fall in love with it, Just Like That.

Excerpt from Just Like That by Karin Kallmaker

“Syrah Ardani. She has gorgeous eyes,” Missy gave Toni a teasing look. “Wouldn’t you say?”

Toni nearly made a joke but something compelled her to be honest. “They’d have been quite fine if she hadn’t been hung over.” She thought of their expressive depth, the shifting shades of gold, brown and black, and her own awareness that she was the last person on earth Syrah Ardani wanted to behold. “They’d have been fine indeed.”

“Well,” Caroline said, her own eyes sparkling with curiosity, “I can’t wait to meet Syrah Ardani and her fine eyes.”

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