It Should Be A Crime by Carsen Taite: Book Review

It Should Be A Crime by Carsen TaiteIt Should Be A Crime by Carsen Taite is a fabulous mystery with a heavy dose of romance.

Morgan Bradley is stuck in an alley and doesn’t know how to find her way out. Fleeing the bar where she went to surprise her girlfriend may not have been Morgan’s best idea ever. But after seeing her lover making out with another woman on the dance floor, Morgan couldn’t help hightailing it out the back door. Luckily a gorgeous bartender saves the day by opening the door, and then saves Morgan’s evening by giving her the one night stand of a lifetime.

Parker Casey is used to picking up women at the bar. She’s about to put those days behind her, though, since she’s quitting bartending to go back for her third year of law school. The last thing she expects is to find out that one of her new professors is not only a famous attorney who’s on TV all the time, she’s the woman Parker took home a few weeks prior.

Morgan and Parker know that their professor/student relationship means they need to keep things professional. When they’re brought together as part of a team defending an underdog in a high-profile murder case, neither woman can seem to help her growing feelings.

The Characters

I adore Parker and Morgan. They’re my favourite of Carsen Taite’s couples and are just so damn good together. Both women are brilliant, strong, and principled. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re super hot and are intensely attracted to each other. I loved every moment I spent with them from their initial meeting (which, whoa, is it ever smoking) to their happily ever after.

The Writing Style

It Should Be A Crime is a joy to read. Its pacing and plotting are perfect, the romance is entirely compelling, and the twists and turns are done very well.

The Pros

Everything. I love this book!

The Cons

Just a heads up that rape and family violence come up in the book. None of it is on the page or gratuitous, but it’s definitely there.

taras favourite lesbian booksThe Conclusion

I’ve read a lot of books by Carsen Taite and this one is definitely my favourite (and that says a lot because I’ve enjoyed all of the ones I’ve read so far!). If you haven’t read anything by her before, this would be a perfect place to start because many of the characters in It Should be a Crime come up in later books by Taite. Just try to make sure you have nothing else going on when you get started, because I guarantee you won’t want to put it down until it’s done.

Excerpt from It Should Be A Crime by Carsen Taite

The woman walked closer until she was standing mere inches from Morgan. “My name is Parker. What’s yours?”

“Morgan,” she whispered. Parker’s proximity robbed her breath.

“Nice to meet you, Morgan. You look like you’re having a bad night.” Parker gently slid an arm around Morgan’s waist. She purred the next question. “What can I do to make it better?”

Morgan’s thoughts raced. Well, this is rich. Here I am stuck in an alley and a total stranger is flirting with me. Meanwhile, my partner of ten years is doing God knows what with a Barbie wannabe inside. Morgan wiped her eyes and turned toward Parker, who had moved closer during the silence. She appraised her. This woman is no Barbie, thank God. She’s real-life, drop-dead-gorgeous and knows it. Feelings replaced rational thought and Morgan settled on a plan of action designed to make the impact of the evening’s events fade fast.

“I’d like you to take me somewhere. Anywhere.” Morgan stared directly into Parker’s eyes, willing her to understand the wide-ranging implication of the control she surrendered with her request.

Parker didn’t betray an ounce of surprise. Instead she leaned in and kissed Morgan lightly on the cheek. “Wait for me here. I’ll only be a moment.”

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It Should Be a Crime Book Cover It Should Be a Crime
Carsen Taite
Bold Strokes Books Inc

Two women consummate their mutual desire with a night of passion, neither expecting more than a few lusty hours. Weeks later Morgan Bradley and Parker Casey meet again, only this time a series of events has landed the pair in the middle of a murder trial. But the twists of the case are no match for their increasing passions.

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Tara Scott lives in Calgary, Canada with her family. If you don’t find her with her Kindle in her hand, she’s probably busy talking about what she’s currently reading.

Tara Scott

Tara Scott lives in Calgary, Canada with her family. If you don’t find her with her Kindle in her hand, she’s probably busy talking about what she’s currently reading.