Sheena Lemos Ebersohn

the lesbian review founder

Sheena Lemos Ebersohn is the founder of and original reviewer at The Lesbian Review.

You can read my long and detailed story of starting The Lesbian Review but here I want to talk to you about who I am as a reviewer.

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When I am not reviewing books I am running my own business. I have also been the editor of a business magazine, manager of a marketing department and website department.

Books I Love

I love stories with loads of angst. If there isn’t enough angst I get bored. I like books that are different. Stories that are predictable leave me feeling like I wasted my time.

I will read anything from romance to action and horror as long as it is well written, interesting and filled with enough angst to keep me yelling at the characters.

sheenas favouriteWhen I love a book I cannot stop reading it and my poor wife becomes abandoned for a few days. She knows, though, when that is likely to happen because I become quite vocal and call the characters idiots and if I really, really love a book I will stop reading because I just cannot take the inner turmoil that it is creating. And, after a few minutes I will pick it up again because I just cannot stop.

Those books, the best books in the whole world, are the ones that make it into my Top 10 lists and are marked as my favorites.

If you are looking for the best in lesbian novels then you must try our top 10 lists, it is the best of best in lesbian fiction.

Books I Hate

I hate molestation, rape and people hurting or abusing others. I won’t read it and put the book down immediately.

For me, reading is escapism and I have no desire to relive the horrors of the real world in my fiction.

Why I Love Reviewing Books

When I was a kid I wanted to be a hero – not like a superhero, but rather more like someone who saved people who were trapped by bad guys. My parents can regale you with long stories of my ‘saving people’ exploits.

And I guess for me reviewing is like being that hero because lesbian books saved me. They made me realize that I was not alone in my feelings for women and that I was an okay person even though I wanted to do more than be friends with some hot girls.

I want to bring that to people. And who knows, maybe a book I recommend will change the way someone sees herself and make her feel okay with who she is.

Books Read Per Month

When I am working full time I will only read two to four books a month. Especially with all the podcasts I work on and running of the sites that I do. I read a lot more when I am not pursuing everything else.

In A Phrase

I can best be described as a founder. I tend to start new things and grow them. I enjoy doing that and love looking at ways of improving what I am doing.


You can find my podcast Les Talk About It here – it’s a fun weekly podcast where my wife and I chat about being a lesbian and common misconceptions around it.